Friday, September 26, 2008

Jack Thompson Disbarred!

After years of gadflying and trying to ban violent video games, Jack Thompson - the only person to ever bring a successful (if ultimately overturned) obscenity charge against a musical act in America - has been permanently disbarred in Florida.

Info is here.

This is wonderful news. I was wondering when his antics would finally catch up with him. It sure took long enough!

I saw him in action, once, at Ohio University. They brought him in on a roving debate about music censorship, but unfortunately they had him up against Professor Griff, late of Public Enemy. It wound up being less of a debate about music censorship and more of a dual lecture about afro-centric views of American history and the evils of obscene music. They never really butted heads, and Thompson came across as a reasonable, okay guy who just wanted to protect women and kids. And that was really sad.


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