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Birther Week in Review 5/7/11

is too late to get passing grade?

In which Birthistan suffers a mass exodus, Gary and Orly try, try again, Joseph Farah wags Jerome Corsi's dog, and the layers prove irrelevant.

Week one after the big reveal -- in which President Obama made a lot of Birthers unhappy by finally doing the one thing they didn't think he would do -- it would seem that at least one of the desired effects has taken place. According to recent polls, the population of the rogue nation of Birtherstan has decreased quite dramatically.

Overall, 10 percent of Americans say Obama was likely born abroad, down from 20 percent in an April 2010 Post-ABC poll. Almost all those who now say Obama was born in a foreign country say that it’s only their “suspicion;” just 1 percent claim “solid evidence” that the president was born elsewhere (9 percent said so last year).

The drop-off in the mistaken belief that Obama was not-U.S.-born has come most prominently among his sharpest critics. Today, 14 percent of Republicans say Obama was not born in the U.S., down from 31 percent in April of last year. Among the most conservative Republicans, the number of skeptics fell from 35 to 16 percent.

No one's quite sure which country the former Birtherstanis have fled to, but they can be identified by peeling "Where's the Birth Certificate?" bumper stickers, World Net Daily books, and "Free Terry" t-shirts. Approach with caution -- they may still be contagious.

Speaking of contagious crazy, the Orly and Gary show is up for round two. After being told, in no uncertain terms, by Judge Carter that their lawsuit had no standing, they filed an appeal. It has come around at last, and it is ever so painful.

Obama last week released an official copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate, putting to rest the concerns of most of the voters who had been swayed to suspect that he wasn't a natural-born U.S. citizen and therefore wasn't qualified to run for the presidency in 2008.

But Buena Park minister Wiley Drake and the so-called birthers' legal spearhead, Orly Taitz, argued before a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that the federal judiciary needs to step in and enforce the Constitution's requirement that a sitting president be born in the United States.

You can watch the video here. (Hat tip to Doc C) Orly starts up at about 17:44. Note how they ask Kreep a lot of questions but just let Orly go, go, go. The poor dear probably thought that was good.

That isn't the only thing Orly is going on, though. She's filed another case, Taitz vs Astrue, which is a freedom of information suit attempting to get the President's Social Security records. You'll note from the video that SS fraud seems to be her current mode of attack. Pity she doesn't stop by Obama Conspiracy Theories, or she'd know that's the wrong tree to bark up.

She's not the only one yawping up the incorrect conifer, though. You might wonder what poor Joseph "Mr Mustache" Farah was thinking when his friend Dr. Jerome "Obamanation" Corsi's book, "Where's the Birth Certificate?", had its titular question answered by the President with less than a month to publication. The answer is to say the reveal was caused by the book, itself, and that it only goes to prove what Farah was saying all along... supposedly.

Whether or not the "birth certificate" Obama has released is valid and proves a Hawaiian birth, Obama is still not eligible to serve as president. It's just that simple. And this book will make that case in a compelling way.


Americans do not want illegal aliens to serve as presidents. That's not what the founders envisioned at all. But conceding to Obama's eligibility will open the door to American presidents who were "anchor babies" – children born of illegal aliens born on U.S. soil.

That's not what the Constitution means. That's not what the founders intended. And it's not what Americans want today.

I'm sure someone will be "compelled" to do something after reading this book. It may involve a dumpster and a well-aimed throw.

Finally, speaking of throwing, the remaining hardcore Birthers seem to be tossing a Hail Mary pass that the Birth Certificate is some kind of forgery, based on the fact that it has layers. It sounds like an argument worth investigating until you realize that it's totally irrelevant, as Doc Conspiracy, the National Review, and Epectitus have aptly shown.

Of course, you lead a horse to water, but can't make him drink. So you can expect the cries of "fakery" to be repeated for some time to come. If in doubt, head to WND for more updates from investigative reporters and detectives who may not exist.

Until next time, remember -- George Carlin once said "Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!"


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