Wednesday, December 09, 2009

This Shit Is Real 12 9 09: Exploding Gum Kills Ukranian Student

Just when you thought it was safe to play around with gum and chemicals!

A chemistry student from the northern Ukrainian city of Konotop was killed when a stick of chewing gum exploded in his mouth, Ukrainian media reported on Tuesday.

The 25-year-old student of Ukraine's Kiev Polytechnic Institute was working at a computer in his parents' house late on Saturday when the incident occurred.

"A loud pop was heard from the student's room," the portal said, citing an aide to the city's police chief. "When his relatives entered the room they saw that the lower part of the young man's face had been blown off."

A forensic examination established that the chewing gum was covered with an unidentified chemical substance, thought to be some type of explosive material.

Police questioning revealed that the student had a bizarre habit of chewing gum after dunking it into citric acid. On his table, police found both citric acid packets and a similar-looking unidentified substance, believed to be some kind of explosive material.


Although the local forensic department does not have the necessary equipment to identify the substance, it refused to send it to the capital, Kiev, over fears that it might explode during transportation.

A sad story to be sure, but one that may have been oddly prophesied by The Onion a little over a year ago!

Today's lesson: don't put weird chemicals in your fucking mouth.


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