Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Night Music 10 27

Lush is one of those bands that open my mind up to wider skies and crazy ideas. I found that, as they went along, they got less ethereal and more structured, and I wasn't so keen on that at first. But over time I've come to appreciate their later stuff, too - you just have to see it as the evolution of a band from crazy, staggering jingle-jangle sound and motion to a more measured stride, but without losing the core of what made them unique.

For the longest time I would have a ritual. I'd get my comics for the week, put on the "Spooky" CD and read them while listening to it. And when the best comics came around on the pile, I'd skip the CD to this song, here. I absorbed the better part of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol, and later The Invisibles, with this song. And there were still others.

I don't do comics with this music, anymore. I have other ways, now. But this song still turns the keys upstairs and makes me fly through the suddenly-large holes in my head, out into the dreamworld I've made for myself time and again.

It's called "Nothing Natural," and I hope you like it.


Sorry I've not been updating as much, lately. Other things took precedence. But I should be back now : ) Ish.


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