Saturday, April 29, 2006

"Hello America, I'm in JAIL. IN JAIL!" (not)

Hello dad, I'm in jail
Hi dad, I'm calling you from jail
Hi dad, happy birthday, I'm in jail
Jail, jail, hi dad

All those years, I'm in jail now
I'm in jail, I like it here
It's nice, I like it
Hello dad, I'm in jail
Hello, hello dad, hi, I'm in jail
Say hi to mom, from jail
I'm in jail, I'm gonna stay here
I like it here
I like it, yeah, throw away the key
I'm in jail

(Was/Not Was)

Of course, that isn't totally true.

He wasn't arrested- he was booked on one charge, namely fraud, which he pleaded not guilty to. Provided he walks the straight and narrow for 18 months, continues to see his doctor, and doesn't get off the wagon, that and 30,000 will see the charge dismissed.

One wonders why other people who suffer from drug addiction can't get similar, cushy deals instead of being slung bum-over-teakettle into the nearest prison cell.


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