Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Short Skirts in the Danish Disco

Here in Copenhagen, Rose, a tall and soft-spoken man, said he hasn't slept much in the past week. Interviewed in a quiet coffee shop just before midnight, he said his newspaper has received two bomb threats, and he got an anonymous e-mail telling him there was a contract on his life. He is guarded by police whenever he appears in public.

Rose bristled when asked if he had any regrets about publishing the cartoons. "Asking me that is like asking a rape victim if she regrets wearing a short skirt at the discotheque on Friday night," he said.

From the story here.

As someone who believes in freedom of speech, I have to support his right to publish these cartoons.

As someone who understands that speech has consequences, I want to cry him a river.

If you walk around with your wallet hanging out of the back of your pants, expect it to get stolen. If you walk around shouting "nigger" in the city streets, expect to get your ass handed to you.

And if you post pictures that are considered blasphemous to a religion that's known for easily offended followers and really extremist - read "terrorist" - branches...?


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