Thursday, February 09, 2006

Christ on a Bike!

From this article, here

DUBAI: A university in the United Arab Emirates has fired an administrator for supporting a professor sacked for distributing copies of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad to her students, a colleague said today.

The colleague, who declined to be named, said Briton Andrew Hearst was fired at the same time as US professor Claudia Kiburz, who had tried to start a debate on the inflammatory cartoons with her students.

That's Zayed University, where my wife was teaching, and I was employed in the Library for a time. Both of those people are known to me - very well, in fact.

I'm speechless. I have a hard time believing Andrew just "dismissed" the students' complaints, but that's what you get when it's however many students speaking against one administrator in a case like this.

Yes, I think we left Dubai at the right time.


Blogger Ouzian said...

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Blogger Ouzian said...

Im soooooo upset over this......

I hope she forgives this fundamentalism in dubai... its sick and very intolerant... I respect her good intentions....

the irony here is that I am studying in fourth year at zayed university, dubai campus... and I am against this intolerant mentality... I have suffered here too and thats why I support freedom of speech... tolerance.... and all those brave people who go ahead and take the leap....

I would reeeeeally want to be of help and offer my support and help... here is my university ID. email, ... please contact me, I will help! :) ;)


u can email me, or let ur wife to contact me..... I will be glad to come over.... :)

u can visit my homepage:



my condolences...

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Blogger J. Edward Tremlett said...

thanks for your kind thoughts. : )

Claudia's doing okay, and is getting the time she needs to close her affairs in Dubai and head back to the states.

I think that only shows how wrong the university was. If they were convinced that she blasphemed Islam, she should have been on a plane for home within 24 hours. But they're giving her time to pack...?

Good luck with your studies, stay independent, and tell Ramza and Huda in the Library that I said "Hi" : D


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Blogger Ouzian said...



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