Wednesday, August 31, 2005

bitchslap X2

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of New Orleans, and southern Louisiana, at this time. Too bad some people don't care.

Case in point: Rush Limbaugh thought it would be really funny to call Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina Vanden Heuvel," so as to get a dig in at the author in question. And Jonah Goldberg had to jump in on the laugh brigade.

80% of that beautiful city is under water, and who knows how many are dead?

Great going, guys.Maybe between this and Anne Coulter's smear of New York people will realize that some of these right-wing commentators don't deserve our time, thought and money.

Not likely, I know.

Meanwhile, over at Moonbat, a typical smear (calling Justin Raimondo a "neo-nazi") has backfired, courtesy of someone who writes for showing up to pee on the parade.

I have no doubt the poor fellow will soon be shown to the door, but it's always nice to see truth spoken to powerful lies.


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