Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Warren Ellis - now at Wired UK

The genius behind some of the best Graphic Novels and comic book runs in recent history (Transmetropolitan, Black Summer, Planetary, Thunderbolts, Doktor Sleepless) is now writing a column for Wired UK.

This is the problem with writing fiction in the early 21st century: the real world outdoes you for madness every day. You’d be overdoing it, as a fiction writer, if you had Congolese bushfighters eating their enemies’ flesh during an ebola outbreak... except that it’s happening as I write.

It’s a serious problem. ... Sometimes I suspect the real function of communications technology is to illustrate, frostily and nakedly, just how frightening the details of life on Earth are.

This man is writing your future, and he's scared. You should be, too. Read it or else, starting here.


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