Sunday, February 01, 2009

You want change? You ARE change. Make yourself happen.

So Rush Limbaugh wants Obama to fail. How very nice of him. At last he has come full circle by admitting that what he accused the Democrats of doing for the last eight years is his sin to bear as well - namely, wanting the other side to fail so that his own can put things right, even if it makes America's current situation even worse than it already is. It's not like HE'S worried about how to pay his bills, after all.

President Obama has been in office less than a month and has 8+ years of messes and mistakes to try and clean up. Mistakes and messes are going to be made in the effort, but we have yet to receive any clear indication that we were played for chumps by a lying sack of crap. Why can't people give him a little room to maneuver and learn what he has to do?

Oh, that's right - because we all expected him to fix things right away, didn't we? Well, maybe not all of us, but a lot of us. And people who DIDN'T want him in there are calling us on it, wondering when he's going to walk on water, balance the budget and bring us OBL's head on a plate.

Well, welcome to Planet Motherfucker, Binky - That was never going to happen. It didn't happen when Clinton came in. It didn't happen when Bush replaced him. It didn't even happen for Reagan.

So stop selling the fantasy and deal with the reality. And the reality is this: governments don't fix things, their own people do.

Governments can help, but in the end they can only provide opportunities and change rules. It's the people who have to take them, or take advantage of them.

And if they don't, who will?

You want change, America? Then stop whining about how things are or trying to affix the blame for what was, what is or what will be – remake the situation yourself. Stop sitting on your asses waiting for aid or a handout – get off your asses and make change happen from the ground up.

Don't volunteer unless you're well off enough to afford to - get a second job (or A job, some of you college people) and do something to make the money flow.

Buy and sell. Find new things to sell and new ways to buy. Sell the crap you don't need and buy things that you do need.

Drive responsibly. Live at your means, not below or above them. Don't sell all your stock but don't hoard your gold, either. Take some small risks and see what happens.

Don't tolerate commies taking your money, but don't tolerate capitalists taking it either. Demand value and service for money.

If you need bread, steal. If you have bread, sell. If you see someone who needs to steal the bread you're selling, let them have a little if it's a case of genuine need.

(If they're trying to boost your $100 copy of Absolute Sandman from your store, however, break their hands.)

Try to make a fiver off the books every day, somehow, and spend it gleefully because no one knows it's there but you. That's $155 a month the IRS didn't see. What will you do with it?

I firmly believe that President Obama has our backs up at the top. But he needs us to have his back down at the bottom or nothing good is going to happen, here. That's the way it's ALWAYS worked, folks, and anyone who's telling you otherwise has an 'ism' to sell you.

Make yourself happen.


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