Monday, January 05, 2009

The Senate, with Jokes

Al Franken has won the recount, and is now the next Senator of Min... Men.. er, how do you spell that state again?

"After 62 days, after the careful and painstaking hand inspection of nearly 3 million ballots, after hours and hours of hard work by elections officials and volunteers across the state, I am proud and humbled to stand before you as the next Senator from Minnesota.


"I also know that this was a hard-fought victory, and that I didn't win the support of every Minnesotan. I'm going to have to earn it by being a Senator who fights for every Minnesotan, whether you voted for me or not. And I want every Minnesotan to hear me say: I work for you now. And I will work hard to earn your confidence."

So, how long before we hear Bill O'Reilly freak out?


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