Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America - Now under Alien Orders!

What a wonderful evening! I spent the night at work almost glued to two internet sites, both of which were doing the electoral math in different ways, but both agreeing that, in spite of it once being 3 to 8 (vermont versus kentucky) Obama was ahead from the second tally on.

After waiting nearly forever for the store to close (new register system = new hassles), I went over to a friend's to watch it all spiral down. There was a joke that we'd wait until the main networks called it, then flip over to FOX News to see how long it took them to admit it was all over, but they actually admitted it early.

And then it was just a very good concession speech by McCain (interrupted by rude booing from his supporters twice) and a very, very good speech by Obama. No, I didn't cry, but I felt something I haven't felt in a long time.


I'm no naive wiener. I know that he can only do so much, and may not deliver on what was promised. Not everything he promised is desirable, either. But I really felt, for a moment there, like we'd finally turned a corner after a really long, hard crawl in the dark.

Is this the end? No. Crappy anti-Gay legislation passed all over the country. There's people out there who are going to be assholes about the fact that we have a leftist Black president who spent time in a Muslim country as a child.

But we've got a chance now to spend at least the next two years fixing things that need fixing, and doing things that need doing. If we waste the chance, it will be not because we got opposed, but because we didn't dare, or didn't let the hope carry us on.

I feel good, today. Worried but hopeful. Happy, too.

And to all my conservative friends out there who are all so dismayed that America's mood has moved to the left... at least for now... maybe you should smell the roses and join me in the winners circle, eh? ; )

(blows kisses to an old, dear friend)


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