Tuesday, November 08, 2005

'This Is What You Get... When You Mess With Us...'

It seems that Moonbat Central is closed

David Horowitz says:

The decision to close MBC was not an easy one. ... Though the decision to close MBC was difficult, we believe it was correct. Unlike our adversaries on the left, we do not have access to limitless financial resources such as those which George Soros’s Phoenix Group dispenses. We must allocate our resources carefully.

So they couldn't be bothered to ask Mr. Scaife for some more sugar while calling him 'daddy'? That I find hard to believe. I don't have access to their net records, of course, but it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of their site traffic wasn't going straight to the blog, itself, rather than the rest of their site.

So were they really running out of cash? Or was this a strategic move?

One of the chief reasons for the blog's existence - and one of the chief reasons I read it - was to expose crazy talk for what it was. Unfortunately, a lot of the crazy talk was their own, and that of their fans.

After all, how could they claim to not be muslim-haters when their posts were innundated with comment trails like this?

And that's far from the only comment trail that was not moderated in favor of wiping out such nasty, rabid slime, but rather in favor of wiping out anyone who came in to argue for the other side. Blog "Editor" Richard Poe proved that several times.

So it seems that Moonbat Central was aptly named - the Moonbats came around, alright, and most of them were their own friends. Indeed, when I wrote about the worst parts of the blogosphere, back in 2003, I could have been describing Moonbat Central to a t.

(The only difference is that, as of this point, Mr. Horowitz is no longer a star, but a black hole.)

Of course, that could all be my inner conspiracist at work. Maybe it is money, and maybe they're not as flush with it as they'd like to be, or I'd like to think. (How much does it really cost to keep two sites and a piss-ant "center" running, anyway?)

But damn if that blog wasn't a serious liability on their claims to not be what everyone accused them of being - yet another clearinghouse for sickening, net-based islamophobia. And I think that may have played a large part in prompting the closure - if they had any sense, anyhow...

Either way, I'm calling this a victory - no one who bans me ever lasts for very long.

Go ahead and "impale" that, Poe ; )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a minute there I lost myself.

12:53 PM  
Blogger J. Edward Tremlett said...

"For a minute there I lost myself."

He's like a detuned radio! ; )

4:06 AM  

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