Thursday, September 22, 2005

Me Put Pee-Pee In Your Coke

Looks like Discover the Nutwork has made proactive enemies. From David Horowitz's Blog

We are battling a dedicated and pernicious hacker based in Communist China, who is attempting to divert visitors to DiscoverTheNetworks to a Communist Chinese website. The hacker has been blocked from the site several times but keeps coming back. We will defeat him in the end, but need your patience in the meantime. In addition to showing how serious and unscrupulous our enemies are, this hacker demonstrates -- no doubt inadvertently -- our international reach and respect.

Just before the site went down we had had 2.98 million visitors since February 15 of this year.

I remember when they were bragging about how many countries they were reaching. Looks like some of their readers decided to bite back.


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