Friday, June 24, 2005

Someone Set Up Us the Ban

Just when the debate was starting to turn around on him, Richard Poe at Moonbat Central has had me banned rather than comment on the board's own hypocrisy on the Terri Schiavo matter, amongst other things.

I've known this was coming for some time, as he clearly threatened me with it from the get-go. (And if you ever want to see how to not moderate a board, that thread is pure comedy gold.)

Now, I probably could have eluded the chop if I'd kept it a little more low-key than I did: I can put on the monkeysuit and dance for peanuts when I need to, and have before. But I decided it was time to push the ante up and see what happened.

Why? Well, if you follow the track backs - which is hard to do, since they upgraded software on a dime and haven't quite nailed all the rogue links - you'll see a number of amusing things, there.

But what really got me angry was Poe's constant insistance that I behave like a "gentleman," while both Mr. Poe and others on the board were highly uncivil to those of us who disagreed, and yet Mr. Poe said nothing of consequence to them, much less seriously correct himself. Those of us who said that Terri's husband was fighting for her wishes, and was being smeared, were called Nazis - and likened to them - on a regular basis.

Of course, given that Moonbat Central, much like Frontpage, eats out on calling people Neo-Nazis at the drop of any hat, it's hardly surprising that people who agree with the editor can use the N-word, but I'd probably get smacked if I had done the same in reverse.

And he can make stupid comments, like saying that I hate people of faith, and try to polish it up with a ham-handed apology that was almost as insulting. But if I'd asked him why he hated Muslims, or if he'd stopped beating his wife...?

So I let him have it, sensing the endgame was near. I regret only that the second to last entry was so choppy and poorly-edited (the sync-host died)

What was surprising was the reaction - just a "[sigh]", a ban and a farewell? No real last words?

I think I kicked harder than I thought on that last two posts. Or maybe he's got bigger fish to fry and needed an easy example.

Or maybe Poe's too tired of obfuscation to keep dancing with the plain and simple truth?

What is that truth? Terri Schiavo's brain was gone.

All the efforts to keep her "alive" were just prolonging the agony of an immortal soul trapped in a broken body that was never going to recover.

Poe wanted me to imagine myself telling her parents I "wanted" her dead, when in reality he wanted to keep her in a meat prison to score political points over George Soros and his ilk.

And there is no proof whatsoever to suggest that her husband ever abused her, either. So there goes that canard, unless Gov. Bush's investigation turns up anything. (Anyone feel like a rousing chorus of "911 Is A Joke"?)

So all that Poe can do now, minus any serious evidence to the contrary, is suggest (in the same thread) that the autopsy could have been rigged.

That's just great. I sure hope he makes that charge as plain as white bread and spreads it far and wide, because I'd really like to see what the doctor who performed the autopsy will have to say about that. But I doubt that's going to happen.

(Poe says he's got something "developing." This I have to see.)

I'd also like to see him tell Michael Schiavo he's a murderer, to his face, but I doubt that's going to happen, either.

But, that's an end to that. I will still lurk to read my friend's posts, when said friend cares to make them.

And I may sneak back in at some point in the future, once I'm back in the states. Who knows?

But that's the lesson to anyone who wants to slip into the playing field at Moonbat and give the Frontpage/DTN noise machine some hell in return: we are not dealing with AT&T. We are dancing on a playing field that can be re-arranged at any moment, and the name of the game is subtle needling and reverse psychology, not full frontal attack.

Best of luck to any who remain and try to speak truth to powerful lies, and best wishes to Grandpa Rightminded, who was always great to dance with. But for now I must adjourn from the scene, the better to plan the next stage of the circus.


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